Welcome to BiG SuRCuS!!!

BiG SuRCuS, for your revelry, ministry and awe inspiring performance.

We share with you the path of ancient Poi Tribes,  sacred clowns and wise sages, enjoy our splendor which mirrors wilderness and sea.

We parade earth objects, movement and energy, we conjure with words, poetry, and song.

Invite us to heighten your affair, we compliment your stage or decorate with old world decor, we perform to your music or bring you quality sound, we appear and vanish like magic.

Allow us to bring alchemy and philosophy of cultural dance to your guests.

We dazzle you with acts of fire dancing, sword skills, mask performance and captivating feats.

We mesmerize you with Bellydance, Feather Fans and Classy Cameos.

We strengthen and conduct your Weddings, life events, celebrations, and workshops.

Let us raise energy and excitement at your Club, festival, resort or party.

We would love to entertain you!


rosalia_bioRosalia Webster is a powerful beauty when wielding flames, inspiring in ritual and amusing in her flirty cabaret.
She entertains solo or with her variety troupe, available to allure you worldwide. Beautifying public and private venues.
Rosalia presents original works.

Fire performances include: Fiery Poi, Parasol Aflame, Heart Fire, Warrioress Fire Swords, Flaming Whale Bone, Vintage Toy-time, and Lady Lights (fire substitute).
Burlesque skits include: SuRCuS Strong Woman, Tub Time, Coquettish Chair and Percival & the Top Hat.
Variety shows include: ToY BoX, Country Crunk, Ancient Electric, West of Eden and Caravana Alquimia.
Rituals include: Rituale Elementi, and SuRCuS Jams.
Rosalia’s performance is delightful, enchanting and charming. She invokes the wild majesty of her life long home, Big Sur, where mountains crash to the sea. Nestled in nature, between Los Angeles and San Francisco; she has accesses to global creativity. She started dance at age 4. From that time on she entertained to dissipate sadness and bring joy for others. A wealth of teachers helped her forge a curious background of clowning, ballet, African dance, moving meditation, burlesque, and fire dance.
Rosalia’s rituals heal and engage you. Her use of the elements in ceremony and on stage creates potent medicine. She shares story telling, etiquette and energy awareness learned with her great grandmother.
Circus fascination flourished with her great grandfather, a carver of carousels and clowns. Her bespoke style is glamorous and old-world. Rosalia has owned and curated performance and fashion venues. Four-artist generation’s later, designing props and creating curiosities with her father, she carries the legacy within her own variety show.
Rosalia is an entertainer, healer and activator for all people types. She adores her fans, students, and friends. Passion illuminates her smile. Green eyes captivate. Rosalia gifts you her spirit-raising dance.

Jessica Cooper, jessica_biofrom Big Sur, has been dancing for over twelve years. Blending the forms of Bellydance with Fire Arts has been a passion of hers in her quest for self-expression. She loves all forms of bellydance from American Caberet to Tribal. Blending the glamour of the Golden Age with a with a modern aesthetic, she calls her style Dark Romantic Bellydance. She mixes in this vibe when performing with fire, fans and poi being her forte.
She has performed extensively all over California and has been with the SuRCuS since it’s inception.

Serra Lynn Smick has been a devotee of expressive movement arts her whole life. With a background in gymnastics, yoga, and free form movement, each performance is like a fingerprint, never to be repeated. Serra is known for offering a sacred dance. Each dance is a prayer, embodying and expressing the divine feminine within each of us. Her dance is your dance.