Theatrical Shows

Would you enjoy a stage story told in dance skits?

Our BiG SuRCuS Shows are each unique tall tales and legends, told in the expression of dance. The heart of BiG SuRCuS is story telling. I desire to fabricate new realities that engage and lift human spirit, using delicate performance techniques such as facial expression, eye contact, simplistic or grandiose gestures, clever words, poems, intricate costume, and detailed make up. I am just tickled to write for so much variety and talent. Each dancer is a character and the stories are written to include their individual historical dance anecdotes. These tales are inspired and conjured from our own dreams and create our theatrical reality. Our stories demonstrate our passion for dance and freedom. We dance tales of growing up in wilderness kingdoms. BiG SuRCuS SHoWS make you pull up a seat and watch the stories unfold.