Caravana Alquimia

The Belly Dance & Fire Show

Do you desire a mysterious & magical show? Caravana Alquimia is a spellbinding dance extravaganza. We display colorful, dazzling fire, and ancient dance traditions practiced ancient regality.

This show is for guests who enjoy enchantment and mystery. We use a mix of modern and cultural music. Haunting electro violin and African drum jams blended with our own instrumental cameos add depth and emotion to this show. We portray the days of temples and moon calendars. We perform with ceremonial tools in this modern ritual. We wear cloaks and capes, and the belly dance is free spirited and raw. We use headdresses, hand candles, swords, veils, enchantments, and fire alchemy. The Caravana Alquimia show is spectacular for a modern and sophisticated evening.