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Add pomp to your sophisticated affair with our delightful and classy solo dance performers, sensational Variety Shows, and full event and ceremony packages.

Choose from a selection of handcrafted shows and themes, or customize your own vision with us. We present at concerts, wineries, corporate events, weddings, galleries, schools, fundraisers, private affairs, grand or intimate venues, and your special location! We are available locally and for travel. We customize with the best of recorded or live music. We heighten your already splendid experience with the beautifying  tradition of dance.

Choose from the most sensational skills and shows, or allow us to organize your event

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Personalized Poetry

Roving Characters

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Fire Dance

Do you seek exciting Fire Performance? Let us dazzle your day or light up your night!

Our dancers are fully insured, and top in the craft. Our fire tools include poi, fans, staves, hoops, antlers, headdresses, parasols, and swords. Spellbinding on stage or roaming your venue, we display colorful feats and ignite the spirit of aloha. Awe your guests with a unique and fiery treat.

(LED lights can be substituted)

Belly Dance

Do you seek regal Tribal Fusion Belly Dance? Our royal court is here to hypnotize you!

With articulate movement, delicate hands, and vintage jewels, our dancers weave their spells. Crowns, coins and tassels transport guests to eastern and exotic worlds. We entice with feathered fans, sword acts, veil lore, and hand-candles. This historical form of dance inspires and empowers. We offer belly dance for private or group activity. These resplendent dancers add elegance and magic to your affair.


Cabaret & Burlesque

Do you seek Classy Cabaret & Burlesque? Our Shows brings pleasure!

We create amusing skits including Puppet and Top Hat, Strong Woman, Fabulous Feather Fans, Shadow-SuRCuS and a variety of custom cabaret for kids of all ages. Our dancers are dazzling in diamonds, sequins, fishnets & boas and loaded with flirt. We blow the top off with Vintage Burlesque for our sophisticated crowd, who crave provocative, charming, and healthy sexy cabaret. Acts include Spellbinding Belly Dance, Alluring Swords, Sensual Acrobatics and Frisky Emcees. We get your pulse racing with these Golden Age inspired starlets.


Aerial Display

Do you seek Awe Inspiring Aerialists? Our Sky Dancers enchant everyone.

With graceful flexibility and fairy like spirit, they hang from your trees, architecture or our provided rig. They create living sculpture and lyrical shapes. Aerialists look splendid in light shows, and dance with silks, or suspended cubes and hoops. The mystical dancers create floating fantasy for your special occasion.


Light Dancing: LED & Pixel

Do you seek to brighten your night with Led or Pixel Dancers? We have captivating Glow Dancers.

Bodysuits, gems and jewels adorn these vibrant spirits who add flash and shimmer to your night. Glow dance tools can fill in for fire and bring a fun futuristic vibe. LED & Pixel Dance Tools include, fans, whips, poi, staves and hoops as well as some fun custom pieces. This stimulating flow art astonishes kids and grownups alike. Sleek and poised we illuminate and inspire your guests.


Personalized Poetry

Do you desire a poem written for you? We personalize BiG SuRCuS poetry. We gather a few details you want historicized, and compose a poem for you or your chosen one. Cheery and heartfelt, we include you in our wonderful lifestyle.

Take part in lore created by our writer/ producer. Our shows are written in poetry form, this is our chance to gift you a part in our story.

We send your poem to you in email form, and/or we perform it live. Allow us to write your memorable legend.




Do you seek a charming emcee? Rosalia brings joy, humor and spirit to classy or casual affairs. On the microphone, she translates the positivity she sees in others. Pleasant, smooth, and powerful while conducting announcements and requests, she honors solemnity, and naturally guides and manages guests, to join in, sit, eat, celebrate or say goodbye. She is an experienced public speaker, well mannered and knowledgeable in pleasant and varied conversation topics. She can turn strangers into friends and cultivate comfort amongst coworkers, family and groups. Engage her to conduct a cohesive and splendid event.

Also see Ministry for more of Rosalia’s public services


Merry Making & Hosting

Do you desire a warm and welcome hostess team? Our Merry Makers specialize in cheer and guest attentiveness.

Merry Making is hosting with courtesy and pizzazz. We dress is classy vintage circus style, or suit your theme. Merry Makers greet and extend connectivity and enjoyment to your guests, while roaming your party. We hand out programs, VIP swag, usher guests to seats or excitements, we conduct auctions and games, and other such services you may arrange. We excel in personal relations and understand the importance of individual recognition and care. Merry Makers provide a creative and personal to honor your guests.


Roving Characters

Do you want Fascinating Characters roving your party? Our Roving characters are regaled in costumes always enticing.

Adoring and adorned Roving Characters are engaging and alluring. They pose with you for photos and entertain guests as the prance and slink through your event. Health and happiness are created by these unique starlets, they parade with silk fans, fire or non fire parasols, antique toys, hats, masks, swords, drums, and many clever enticements. Create more dimension and interaction for your guests with this clever entertainment.



Do you want a Dj for your music needs?

If your night requires music, let us host the musical flow for your party, with our mini speaker and timeless collection of swing, soul & contemporary, we are ready to DJ your intimate party or connect you with some of the best DJs in our area. They provide high quality sound systems or work with your existing set up. DJs are the perfect simple way to add a dance party or ambient music to your event.



Live Musicians

Are you looking for a Full Band to liven up your event?

We can engage a full band for our BiG SuRCuS Show, or we can connect you with local talent to musically energize your event.