Dance with Us Lessons & SuRCuS JaMS

Are you yearning to dance?

Let us guide you through the joy of dance. Dance classes and SuRCuS JaMS are what you need. Choose from Belly Dance, Poi & Fire Dance, or SuRCuS JaMS.

Dance is for children groups, friends, family, guests, and all who crave physical, mental and emotional healing and stimulation. Most group sizes, ages and skill sets can enjoy benefits cultivated through dance. We enjoin you to practice your breath and body relationship and indulge in the revitalizing, rejuvenating benefits. For an hour, a day, or weekend, our highly skilled and altruistic teachers guide your moving journey. Our Lessons and JaMS cultivate harmony and compassion within the self and group. Lively up any company getaway, festival afternoon, exotic retreat, bridesmaid affair, or birthday party, or indulge in a private class! Treat yourself to a journey of heart health stimulation.

Belly Dance

Do you want to be a Belly Dancer?

We will have you belly dancing. This lovely lore is known for inspiring sensuality and personal confidence. Used amongst many cultures and nations, belly dance preserves history and translates stories with precise movement. Private or group, we warm up with stretches, and enjoy sensuous lead and follow folkloric choreography. Let chatter and brain business fall away as you settle into the soothing undulating flow of a Belly Dance guided class.

Fire Dance

Do you want to dance the tribal Poi & Fire dance?

Enjoy this lesson of flowing movement and physical strengthening. Use dance tools that resonate with your spirit. This lesson is uniquely beneficial for children, schools and outreach programs. Women, children and warriors have used poi dance for over five thousand years. These ancient techniques of spinning and weaving with dance tools strengthen the body, heart and brain. Balance, dexterity, and strength are gained when finding your flow. Relax and drop into the web of dance with us.


Do you seek facilitated dance jams? Invite us to orchestrate your mind, body, and spirit dance journey. Our SuRCuS JaMS provide engaging and encouraging teachers and are accessible for most ages and skill sets. Guide your body into movement and shapes designed to strengthen your heart, and breath relationship. Indulge in dance, the most primal of therapies. Let go into driving rhythms; let your body float on ethereal sound. Our music is selected to free and move you and support your journey. We look forward to sharing the ritual of dance with you.