Big Sur Winery Revival

  • July 13, 2017

Revival Big Sur Ceremony
Sat July 22nd 

We are honored by @bigsurvineyards to host Ceremony & Prayerformance , blessing Our Land and All Those who dwell in webs of space and time in this Majestic Queendom of Los Padres National Forest. Join the revelry all weekend to support the Big Sur Businesses and Families as they bring their hearth to Big Sur Vineyards Tasting room; in Carmel Valley July 21-23. This event is hosted in pure goodness, a way to gather, offer and receive love, and joy, make your time magik and productive, join our Prayerformance Saturday 8pm, participate and offer your energy into the good cauldron. Then blast it off as we present our Classy Sassy Cabaret. Follow @bigsurvineyards for ticket info- See you soon ❤️: @dakinijc + @big_surcus
Special Thanks and Healing Blessing to photographer and dear friend 🎥❤️: @chatnoir16 may you fill and fly soon 🐬🕊